Cleaning With Vinegar

Why vinegar?

Keeping a clean house is a high priority for most people. Unfortunately, most cleaning products on the market today contain large amounts of harmful chemicals that are poisonous to humans. Luckily, there is an alternative. Vinegar can clean almost all household messes, and it is virtually harmless to humans.

The list

Stain remover

Whether it’s clothes, furniture upholstery, or carpets, getting out pesky stains can be a nightmare. Vinegar provides you with an easy alternative. Make a mixture of half vinegar and half water, apply it to the stain, rub gently and rinse. It may require several treatments for pesky stains.

Remove stickers

Simply soak the sticker in vinegar and leave for about ten minutes, then wipe it clean.

Restore Silverware

Get your silverware back to its original brilliance by polishing it with a concentration one part water to one part vinegar. This can also be used to get jewellery looking like new again.

Remove limescale from a shower head with vinegar

Remove limescale from shower heads

Remove build up of minerals and soap on shower heads and faucets by soaking them overnight in a vinegar and water mixture. Then in the morning, just wipe them clean.

Prevent mildew on shower curtains

Fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 concentration of vinegar and water. Doing this once a week will stop the growth of mildew.

Clean your microwave

This is a great product for cleaning microwaves because, not only will it loosen up stuck on food, it will also leave it smelling fresh. Simply fill a bowl with one cup of water and one cup of vinegar and microwave for five minutes. When it’s done remove the bowl and wipe. Stuck on food will come right off and leave it looking like new.

Clean your coffee pot and stained mugs

Leaving them to soak for an hour or two in a vinegar and water mixture. When they’re finished soaking, give them a little scrub and watch the stains come right off.

Cleaning your windows and mirrors

Using vinegar will leave them shiny and streak free. Just fill a spray bottle with a vinegar and water mixture, spray and wipe.

Clean your toilet bowl

Using this product to clean your toilet bowl can serve two purposes. Firstly, it will get it looking clean and fresh. And secondly, it will reduce common bathroom odours, leaving the room with a clean, fresh scent

Clean wood chopping board

Use this instead of harmful soap and water to get your wooden chopping board clean. Simply wipe it down with some vinegar after every use.

Remove water marks

from wood by wiping them with a cloth soaked in vinegar and water.

Cleaning dust and grime from your blinds

Avoid the hassle, use a spray bottle with a vinegar and water mixture to spray them down. Then simply use a clean rag to wipe it off.

Deodorise your kitchen drain

Pour a cup of vinegar down it. Leave it for ten minutes then flush it out with cold water.

Reduces bad smells in carpets

and furniture by spraying them down with a half vinegar, half water solution. This is great for people who have pets because vinegar is good for eliminating odours.

Clean kitchen surfaces to stop the growth of bacteria

A great way to do this is to mix it with water in a spray gun and keep it in the cupboard under your sink.

Once you discover the many great uses of vinegar, buying expensive and toxic cleaners will become a thing of the past.