7 simple steps to recycling around your home

The importance of conserving the Earth’s resources is critical today and the best way to create a positive impact on the world is through recycling. Doing this saves energy, conserves resources, reduces landfill and protects our precious environment. If this isn’t something you’re doing already then let us, Twinkle Clean, show you seven simple steps to recycling around the home.

Get your boxes in a row

Alongside your domestic waste bin for non-recyclable waste, there are three other boxes at your home for local collection. Usually, these are red, green and blue and are for cans & plastic bottles, glass and paper respectively. In these you can put:

  • Cans & Plastic Bottles – food and drinks cans, empty aerosols, metal tins and household plastic bottles like milk, bleach etc.
  • Glass – this covers all glass bottles and jars, regardless of colour.
  • Paper – everything from magazines to junk mail to envelopes to letters to newspapers to clean card or cardboard.

Once you have these ready then you’ll know where to start with prepping for recycling.

Are there any other local recycling facilities?

These aren’t the only options when it comes to recycling things around your home. Chances are, there will be local recycling facilities close to you that take things like shoes and textiles. Oftentimes, they are looking for items that are still fine to be used for charities and good causes.

Don’t forget your E-waste

Usually, you will need to head to some form of refuse point in order to dispose of these but old electronics and electronic parts can be recycled. Keep this in mind around the home when you upgrade your television or computer, replace a light bulb and dispose of batteries.

Look at reusing things

Not exactly recycling but something that looks to support the environment, try to use things more than once or items made from recycled materials. The obvious one is to take reusable bags to the shops but look at containers such as margarine tubs and yogurt pots for use with holding nails or growing seedlings for example.

Create your own compost

Most of UK homes have gardens, and if you enjoy gardening then why not create your own compost heap for planting. All you need to do is buy a compost bin and fill it with the right things. This post from the edenproject.com has a 10-step list to get things going but the right stuff to go in includes vegetable peelings, fruit waste, tea bags, plant prunings and grass cuttings.

Look into solar energy

This may be a bit more for the advanced recycler due to the investment required but harnessing solar energy is the best form of recycling. Both renewable and clean they have the added bonus of saving you money long-term – and sometimes there are incentives run to help make solar panels more affordable.

When you consider that a singular can of soft drink could power a television for four hours if it was recycled, it gets much more serious. This is such a simple start and if everyone bought into recycling, reusing and, more importantly, reducing then we’re likely to see big results.

Here are a few more recycling tips for the home from Recycle Now:


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