If you’ve heard the phrase “cleanliness is next to godliness” then you’ll know that being clean is a sign of spiritual purity. For those of us who aren’t religious, being clean is a sign that we practice good hygien
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white washing machine

Top 5 Washing Machines 2018

Take one look online or in your local electricals shop and you’ll see just how much the cost of washing machines can differ. Ranging from as little as £150 to as much as £1,629, washing machines can vary hugely in quality, durability and perform
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natural toner

Vegan-Friendly Cleaning Products

As people become increasingly aware about where their food comes from and what it contains, more and more are opting to ditch animal-based ingredients and follow a plant-based diet instead. According to The Huffington Post, the number of vegans
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game of thrones cleaning meme

Can My Landlord Charge Me For Cleaning From My Deposit?

Although the vast majority of tenants leave their previous homes in good condition, many people still worry about their landlords deducting money from the deposit for end of tenancy cleaning. So can your landlord really dip into your deposit to
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bjork goose dress

Top 5 most memorable red carpet moments

Top 5 most memorable red carpet moments Of all the rugs out there, the red carpet has to be the most iconic. Over the years, red carpets have welcomed the great and good into awards ceremonies, galas and special events. And although most of the
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Bathroom and hand wash

Cleaning Hacks: 8 Easy Hacks For Cleaning The Bathroom

The bathroom should be a sanctuary, whether that’s enjoying some headspace in the shower before you start the day or relaxing in a bath to ease into an evening. But, there’s nothing worse than a messy bathroom, and one that you need to clean. Di
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worst home infestations title

Top 15 Worst Infestations From Around The World

An Englishman’s home is his castle, or so the expression says, and there are definitely some very house-proud Brits up and down the country. It’s our sanctuary, where we retire after a long day at the office and relax. However, it’s hard to do t
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7 simple steps to recycling around your home

7 simple steps to recycling around your home The importance of conserving the Earth’s resources is critical today and the best way to create a positive impact on the world is through recycling. Doing this saves energy, conserves resources, reduc
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robot cleaner

The best tools for cleaning

Some of us really enjoy cleaning and there’s nothing better than opening a fresh pack of sponges. We’re always on the lookout for the best cleaning tools out there to help us make cleaning a little easier. Here’s our top 5 list of the best tools
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cleaning car seats

Guide to washing your car – it’s easier than you think!

Follow this useful cleaning guide on how to wash your car yourself….saving you money! Summer is upon us and this is a great opportunity for you to wash your car yourself. There are lots of hand car wash places throughout London which offer
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how to clean dogs ears-min

How to clean your dogs’ ears…..the right way

In this article we will discuss how to clean your dogs’ ears properly. You should be doing this at least once a week. This is often something which is overlooked by dog owners, as it can be difficult to see the build of dirt and grime in your do
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How do I take care of my new carpet?

In this article we will answer: how do i take care of my new carpet? In this article we will discuss how to clean and take care of your carpets. Many people love the furnished and insulated quality that wall-to-wall carpet gives them throughout
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Brexit: What is the Impact on the Cleaning Industry?

In this article I’ll discuss what the likely outcome of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, better known as Brexit, will be on the cleaning industry? We’re OUT! Whether you agree with the results of the referendum h
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screaming lady

Epic cleaning FAILS!!!

Everyone loves a good fail at someone else’s expense. Here are some of the best cleaning FAILS, in no particular order, we found on the internet. Hope you like them too. 1. Pool cleaning fail Wow! Everything that could go wrong did go wron
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Use vinegar to clean

Use vinegar to clean How is vinegar made? It’s well documented that vinegar was discovered that wine left undisturbed turns into vinegar. Granted this is not as exciting as the discovery that grape juice left undisturbed, turns into wine.
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Building Fails Ronan Point

5 Worst Building Fails

5 Worst Building Fails Tower of Pisa – Pisa Probably one of the most famous architectural fails in the written history of the world, the Tower of Pisa took 177 years to complete. The tower started to lean 5 years after the initial construction b
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Office Rental Prices in London

10 Tips on Choosing an Office to Rent in London

Ready to rent an office in London? Follow these steps to get the best deal… A new office is always an important step forward for any business. That’s why you shouldn’t rush to rent the first place you set your eye on. London is
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PPE Clothing and Regulations Made Easy

PPE Clothing and Regulations Made Easy Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a form of special equipment that protects the user from various health and safety risks. Each set of protective clothing includes multiple items: helmets, boots, glove
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How to Clean & Maintain Your Office Chair

Read on if you want to know How to Clean & Maintain Your Office Chair…. Although a key element in desk jobs, not a lot of people pay enough attention to their office chair. If you already have a clean computer and a clean desk, it̵
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building regulations

Apply For Building Regulations Online

Apply For Building Regulations Online Building Regulations are a set of standards designed to ensure the health and safety of everyone working or living inside the building or on its close surroundings. Every building, new and old, has to comply
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10 Office Cleaning Tips

10 Office Cleaning Tips Keeping your office clean should never be a hassle. It doesn’t matter whether you clean daily, weekly or monthly, or you hire a office cleaning company. Your working space should always be kept clean. Follow these o
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planning permission approved

How Do Building Regulations Work in the UK?

Are you thinking about extending the size of your home? Read on for more information on how building regulations work…. Whether you’re planning to build your new home or your new office building, know that you’ll have to comply
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How to Clean Your Office Keyboard

Fed up with your sticky keyboard? Read on for tips on how to get a clean office keyboard… For most of us, our keyboard is our most important computer peripheral. Whether we’re writing articles, responding to e-mails, or searching for
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Tips for Choosing A Good Builder

With so many ‘cowboy’ builders out there follow our top tips on what to look out for when choosing a builder for your home….. Building a new home is one of the most important steps in anyone’s life. Unless you own a build
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dreamhost offices california

Top 10 Coolest Offices….in the World

Top 10 Coolest Offices….in the World Not every office is great. Some offices are too small, some are too cluttered, some are simply too boring. Below are ten of the coolest offices that we love. Rest assured that every office in the list u
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Cleaning Company Names

Cleaning Company Names So you’ve decided you’re going to start up a cleaning business. WELL DONE!! Next step….how to pick a good cleaning company name? Choosing that all important name You want your prospective clients to know what it is you do
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How do I clean my cooker?

How do I clean my cooker? Let’s face it nobody really loves cleaning their cooker or oven. It’s the last thing you want to clean in a kitchen. How would you feel if you walked into your local takeaways kitchen and saw a dirty oven or
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What the best way to clean a comforter?

What the best way to clean a comforter? Clean and cozy bedding is crucial to providing a good night’s rest, as well as ensuring healthy living. However, many people cannot wash their comforters as frequently as sheets and blankets, especially th
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Is drinking bottled water bad for the environment?

Is drinking bottled water bad for the environment? In this article we will answer the question…. Is drinking bottled water bad for the environment? Want to do your bit? Drink tap water to save money…… and help save the environm
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How can I reduce junk mail?

How can I reduce junk mail? Are you fed up with receiving junk mail through your letter box? Follow these easy steps to reduce the number of junk mail you receive. What is junk mail? Junk mail is unsolicited advertising or promotional material r
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10 Water Saving Ideas

10 Water Saving Ideas Cutting your water use and saving on water and energy bills doesn’t have to affect your daily routine. These simple changes can make a huge difference to the amount of water you use. Turn off the tap when brushing your teet
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Henry and Hetty vacuum cleaners

Henry vs dyson

Is a henry better than a dyson? We hope to answer this question for you this article. If you find it useful please share it. Every year, Which? surveys thousands of its members to find out their favourite and worst brands. One such survey involv
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End of tenancy agreement

Practical advice on how to choose a letting agency

Practical advice on how to choose a letting agency The private rented sector is usually the first, and in some cases, the only housing option for many people searching for a place to live. Home ownership is not within financial reach for many ho
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21 Household Cleaning Tips and Ideas

21 Household Cleaning Tips and Ideas After cleaning for so many years, and trying new products and cleaning ideas, there always seems to be someone else who has devised some better ways to speed up their cleaning, and spend less energy while at
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How Clean Up Spills – The Easy Way

How Clean Up Spills – The Easy Way No matter how much care you take as you potter about in the kitchen, accidents do happen, and when they do things can get messy. We’ve all been there. We have everything set up neatly, ready to get
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10 Fun and Exciting things to do in London Instead of Cleaning

10 Fun and Exciting things to do in London Instead of Cleaning Everyone wants to have a neat and orderly home. But when you find yourself looking forward to some free time – when your husband takes your kids out to the playground or elsewhere –
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Builders cleaning checklist

We often get asked what does your builders clean include or what is your builders cleaning checklist? It varies on a client per client basis, but generally speaking a typical after builders cleaning london checklist looks something like this: SC
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Office Cleaning Prices

It's difficult to give an average cost for office cleaning in London as lots of companies have different tariffs and base the price on different factors. The most common pricing method is by charging per hour, with some companies charging by sq
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wash hands properly poster

How to wash my hands properly

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for: ‘how to wash my hands properly’ Proper hand washing can be a basic survival skill against many contagious diseases. We know now that more than 1500 people are known
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How To Clean Grout In 4 Easy Steps

While tile is very durable and relatively easy to clean, grout can pose a bit of a challenge. Grout is subject to staining given its light colour and the fact that it is very porous. Grout in tiled floors can be discoloured by dirt, mud and othe
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Dangers of Dust

Most of us go about our daily lives without ever having to (or wanting to) think about the dangers of dust. What we do know is that dust is everywhere and if regularly cleaned is very unlikely to cause us any harm. The dictionary definition of d
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how to clean windows myself

How to Clean Windows and Mirrors like a Pro

Follow these tips to… Clean your windows and mirrors like a pro! Please remember to share if you find any of the tips useful.  Keeping your windows and mirrors clean can be a trying task indeed, especially when you find that after you̵
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how to declutter

How Do I Declutter my House?

Fed up with clutter? Have you ever wondered to yourself….. how do I declutter my house? We have all the answers in this article by Vickly Silverthorn from You Need A Vicky. I am a firm believer that a messy home will feel dirty even when s
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How to Clean Kitchen Cupboards

Follow this guide on How to clean kitchen cupboards like a pro! In a kitchen that sees plenty of action, grease--the residue of cooking, can form a grimy layer on every surface.
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End of Tenancy Cleaning: A Complete Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

When it comes to end of tenancy cleaning, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about guaranteed deposit return and cheapest quotes. If you’re looking for some guidance on what it’s all about and if you even need to do it, then you’ll love this inf
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How to Clean Marble and Granite Floors like a pro!

Wondering to yourself…. How to Clean Marble and Granite Floors?? Wonder no more! Marble and granite floors are an elegant and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. However, whilst they are beautiful to look at and undeniably durable
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5 easy cleaning tips on how to remove pet stains and odours

Do you have pets? Do they leave a nice mess for you now and again? Follow these 5 easy cleaning tips on how to remove pet stains and odours Having pets around the house is great for your mood. They keep you company and lift your spirits when you
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Secret Household Cleaning Tips

Are you looking to save money on your household cleaning products? Make life easier for yourself. Instead of buying expensive cleaning products take a look at these secret household cleaning tips from our friends over at save-money-guide.com. In
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How to clean wood floors like a pro

Asking yourself ‘how can I clean wood floors like a pro?’ read on to find out how…. Regular wood floor cleaning is the key factor in maintaining your wood floors in their best condition. You will cut the time it takes to clean
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5 of the best cleaning memes….ever!

We love a good cleaning meme. Here are some of our favourite cleaning memes...in order. Make sure you share them if you like them too.
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10 Ingenious Ways To Clean With Lemon

Follow these cleaning with lemon hacks to unleash the cleaning POWER of lemon! As well as being an main ingredient in the famous cocktail sapphire sin, lemon is a pretty powerful alternative to cleaning chemical.
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Should I do the end of tenancy cleaning myself?

Are you asking yourself….. should I do the end of tenancy cleaning myself? Are you feeling brave? Its hardly surprising that as a professional cleaning company we would advise against this. Bias aside, the main reason for not doing it your
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15 Awesome Vinegar Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know

Keeping a clean house is a high priority for most people. Unfortunately, most cleaning products on the market today contain large amounts of harmful chemicals that are poisonous to humans. Luckily, there is an alternative. Vinegar can clean almo
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Builders cleaning prices

If you are reading this article you’re probably nearing completion of your building project and you’re thinking to yourself ‘what is the price of builders cleaning?’. After builders cleaning involves the cleaning of dust, paint marks
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How do I remove limescale from taps and bathroom?

Remove limescale from taps easily with these useful cleaning hacks. There is a common misconception that you need to spend many hours cleaning your home to get that professional finish every time,” says Rob Garritano, founder of London cleaning
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Green Cleaning Tips

Being green in everyday life is becoming more and more important, and rightly so. The cleaning industry should be no exception and professional cleaners have a responsibility to be green where possible. So how can this be achieved? Follow these
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Watch our cleaning team in action…

Here is a sneaky peak into what one of our cleaning teams were up to at a recent builders clean for a large construction company.
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Fun cleaning facts

Here are some interesting fun cleaning facts: Know a good cleaning fact? Drop us a Tweet @TwinkleClean. [icegram campaigns=”5386″]
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Removal Company Prices London

If you are reading this article you have probably come to the conclusion that moving house without the help of a professional removal company is too stressful and you’re thinking to yourself ‘what are removal company prices?’   How removal
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How much does carpet cleaning cost?

If you are reading this article you have probably come to the conclusion that your carpets need a refresh and you are thinking to yourself ‘how much does carpet cleaning cost?’. The process of having your carpets professionally cleaned is called
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How much does a regular cleaner cost?

Asking yourself….. what should I expect to pay for a cleaner in London?   Read on to find out more about pricing and payment, trusting your cleaner and what’s typically included. It’s hardly surprising that with ever increasing busy
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How to clean a freezer

In this article we will answer the commonly asked question: ‘how to clean a freezer?‘ If you’re looking for tips on cleaning your fridge then click here for the best way to clean my fridge. How to clean your freezer There’
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how to clean fridge without turning it off

How to clean fridge without turning it off

  In this article we will answer the commonly asked question… ‘how to clean fridge without turning it off?’ Cleaning The fridge is likely to be the most used of all kitchen appliances. Its a good idea to have a good look a
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Get end of tenancy cleaning deposit back

In this article we will answer the popular question how do you… ‘Get end of tenancy cleaning deposit back‘ As we all know when it comes to moving out the first thing we think of (which we have probably forgotten until now) is g
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Steam cleaner buying guide

Read on for helpful advice on what to consider before buying a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners (SC) are without a doubt a healthier and Eco-friendly method of cleaning. They require only water to operate which makes them hypoallergenic and reduces
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How much does end of tenancy cleaning cost?

If you’re reading this article you are probably moving out of your flat or house soon and asking yourself ‘how much does end of tenancy cleaning cost?’. The process of having your flat professionally cleaned before you move out for the new
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Best way to clean a Kitchen sink

Asking yourself what’s the ‘best way to clean a kitchen sink?’ Read on to find out how… A kitchen sink gets lots of everyday use and is something that needs a deep regular clean for hygienic reasons. Use one of these five
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Washing symbols explained

In this article I am going to explain what the most popular washing symbols are: Machine Wash – Normal: Wash at the hottest available temperature, using any detergent or machine designed for this purpose. Machine Wash – Cold: Wash at
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What is the best way to clean a mirror?

Everybody loves a shiny mirror. There is nothing worse than a mirror covered in smears. Follow these tips on the best way to clean a mirror. Bathroom mirrors will always need polishing. Bathrooms often get steamy and the condensation often leave
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What is the difference between deep cleaning and regular cleaning?

We often get asked… what’s the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning? Regular cleaning is what most people do on a regular basis e.g weekly vs a deep clean which is every 6 months to a year. It’s often to mainta
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Sample UK Tenancy Agreement

Here is an example of a UK tenancy agreement. You should always consult professional legal advice when writing up any kind of legal contract. ASSURED SHORTHOLD TENANCY AGREEMENT This agreement is made on 19th September 2012 Between the Landlord
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Can I trust my cleaner?

Can I trust my cleaner?  Good question! We’ve come up with 5 simple tips to help you trust your cleaner. 1) At the beginning of (or before) your first cleaning job commences, be sure to ask the cleaner as many questions as you would like t
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Kitchen cleaning Pt.1: kitchen cleaning tips and how to do the washing up correctly

Clean your kitchen as regularly as you use it Lets face it, the kitchen in the main hub of most households. From breakfast to dinner it’s likely to be the most used or functional room in the house, more so if you have a busy household with child
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How Often Should You Clean Your Home: Made Easy

One question that most homeowners have is: “How often should I clean my home?” The answer to this question will vary from household to household, but everyone can take the same aspects into consideration in order to figure it out. After al
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Tips for Tenants

When renting a home, you can lose your deposit if you do not keep to the terms of the tenancy agreement. (View sample tenancy agreement) To make sure that your deposit is dealt with fairly, your landlord or agent must protect the money with a go
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Is the UK housing market finally bouncing back?

While the market for home buying appears flat, the UK rental housing market is benefiting from the current trend. With the exception of London, British house prices have not been rising, as unemployment figures remain high. In London, property v
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DPI UK uses Twinkle Clean’s Professional Cleaning Services for AEGON Championships Contract

Provided by Stephanie Williams – DPI UK I work for a large signage and exhibition fit out company in the North West of England and therefore our work takes us all over the country and internationally. Recently we worked on the AEGON Champi
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