Trust written across the palms of two hands

Can I trust my cleaner? 

Good question!

We’ve come up with 5 simple tips to help you trust your cleaner.

1) At the beginning of (or before) your first cleaning job commences, be sure to ask the cleaner as many questions as you would like to – most of the time they are expecting this and it makes them feel at ease.

2) Ask the cleaning company they work with for a reference if this makes you feel comfortable. Any good cleaning company will obtain references before employing a cleaner.

3) Don’t give your house keys over until you are confident. We normally suggest to wait until at least 2 visits before you do this.

4) Be around for the first few visits so you can check the cleaners work while they are there. We ask all new customers complete a cleaning checklist during the first visit. This allows us to keep a record of your cleaning requirements should another cleaner have to step in to cover holiday etc.

5) If you suspect something has gone missing check around the house before notifying your cleaning company. We have had a few cases where items have been found after a customer has called us.

Remember your cleaner may be as nervous as you are entering a stranger home!