A Brief History Of London’s Sanitation

In this blog post about the history of London’s sanitation you’ll find out more about how dirty London really used to be! Good sanitation and cleanliness help stop the spread of germs and diseases. Therefore, developed countries have strict sanitation and hygiene laws enfo
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Epic cleaning FAILS!!!

dirtiest places in your home
Everyone loves a good fail at someone else’s expense. Here are some of the best cleaning FAILS, in no particular order, we found on the internet. Hope you like them too. 1. Pool cleaning fail Wow! Everything that could go wrong did go wrong here. Moral of this FAIL, get someone
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5 Worst Building Fails

Building Fails Ronan Point
Tower of Pisa – Pisa Probably one of the most famous architectural fails in the written history of the world, the Tower of Pisa took 177 years to complete. The tower started to lean 5 years after the initial construction began. The reason? A combination of the thin foundation that sup
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5 of the best cleaning memes….ever!

We love a good cleaning meme. Here are some of our favourite cleaning memes...in order. Make sure you share them if you like them too.
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Fun cleaning facts

Here are some interesting fun cleaning facts: Know a good cleaning fact? Drop us a Tweet @TwinkleClean.
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