How to Clean & Maintain Your Office Chair

Read on if you want to know How to Clean & Maintain Your Office Chair…. Although a key element in desk jobs, not a lot of people pay enough attention to their office chair. If you already have a clean computer and a clean desk, it’s time to move on to cleaning your cha
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10 Office Cleaning Tips

10 Office Cleaning Tips Keeping your office clean should never be a hassle. It doesn’t matter whether you clean daily, weekly or monthly, or you hire a office cleaning company. Your working space should always be kept clean. Follow these office cleaning tips and a dirty office w
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How to Clean Your Office Keyboard

Fed up with your sticky keyboard? Read on for tips on how to get a clean office keyboard… For most of us, our keyboard is our most important computer peripheral. Whether we’re writing articles, responding to e-mails, or searching for stuff online, the keyboard is our go-to
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Cleaning Company Names

Cleaning Company Names So you’ve decided you’re going to start up a cleaning business. WELL DONE!! Next step….how to pick a good cleaning company name? Choosing that all important name You want your prospective clients to know what it is you do from your name. For this purpose using t
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How do I clean my cooker?

How do I clean my cooker? Let’s face it nobody really loves cleaning their cooker or oven. It’s the last thing you want to clean in a kitchen. How would you feel if you walked into your local takeaways kitchen and saw a dirty oven or hob!!! No good reviews there. OLD DECAY
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What the best way to clean a comforter?

What the best way to clean a comforter? Clean and cozy bedding is crucial to providing a good night’s rest, as well as ensuring healthy living. However, many people cannot wash their comforters as frequently as sheets and blankets, especially those for queen and king size beds, becaus
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Is drinking bottled water bad for the environment?

Is drinking bottled water bad for the environment? In this article we will answer the question…. Is drinking bottled water bad for the environment? Want to do your bit? Drink tap water to save money…… and help save the environment! Why do we drink bottled water? Ask
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How can I reduce junk mail?

How can I reduce junk mail? Are you fed up with receiving junk mail through your letter box? Follow these easy steps to reduce the number of junk mail you receive. What is junk mail? Junk mail is unsolicited advertising or promotional material received through the post. We all get it,
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10 Water Saving Ideas

10 Water Saving Ideas Cutting your water use and saving on water and energy bills doesn’t have to affect your daily routine. These simple changes can make a huge difference to the amount of water you use. Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth A running tap can use six litres of wa
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21 Household Cleaning Tips and Ideas

21 Household Cleaning Tips and Ideas After cleaning for so many years, and trying new products and cleaning ideas, there always seems to be someone else who has devised some better ways to speed up their cleaning, and spend less energy while at it. The best thing about it is that you
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