How to Clean Kitchen Cupboards

Follow this guide on How to clean kitchen cupboards like a pro! In a kitchen that sees plenty of action, grease--the residue of cooking, can form a grimy layer on every surface.
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How to Clean Marble and Granite Floors like a pro!

Wondering to yourself…. How to Clean Marble and Granite Floors?? Wonder no more! Marble and granite floors are an elegant and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home. However, whilst they are beautiful to look at and undeniably durable, they’re also deceivingly prone t
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5 easy cleaning tips on how to remove pet stains and odours

Do you have pets? Do they leave a nice mess for you now and again? Follow these 5 easy cleaning tips on how to remove pet stains and odours Having pets around the house is great for your mood. They keep you company and lift your spirits when you’re down in the dumps. However, pe
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How to clean wood floors like a pro

Asking yourself ‘how can I clean wood floors like a pro?’ read on to find out how…. Regular wood floor cleaning is the key factor in maintaining your wood floors in their best condition. You will cut the time it takes to clean your hardwood floor down to nearly nothi
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10 Ingenious Ways To Clean With Lemon

Follow these cleaning with lemon hacks to unleash the cleaning POWER of lemon! As well as being an main ingredient in the famous cocktail sapphire sin, lemon is a pretty powerful alternative to cleaning chemical.
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15 Awesome Vinegar Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know

Keeping a clean house is a high priority for most people. Unfortunately, most cleaning products on the market today contain large amounts of harmful chemicals that are poisonous to humans. Luckily, there is an alternative. Vinegar can clean almost all household messes, and it is virtu
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How do I remove limescale from taps and bathroom?

Remove limescale from taps easily with these useful cleaning hacks. There is a common misconception that you need to spend many hours cleaning your home to get that professional finish every time,” says founder of London cleaning firm Twinkle Clean. “For light cleaning, most of the ti
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How do I clean a fridge without turning it off?

how to clean fridge without turning it off
In this article we will answer the commonly asked question… ‘how do I clean a fridge without turning it off?’ Intro The fridge is likely to be the most used of all kitchen appliances. Its a good idea to have a good look around your fridge every time you pop in there
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Best way to clean a Kitchen sink

Asking yourself what’s the ‘best way to clean a kitchen sink?’ Read on to find out how… Intro A kitchen sink gets lots of everyday use and is something that needs a deep regular clean for hygienic reasons. Use one of these five eco-friendly cleaning tips when c
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What is the best way to clean a mirror?

how to clean windows myself
Everybody loves a shiny mirror. There is nothing worse than a mirror covered in smears. Follow these tips on the best way to clean a mirror. Bathroom mirrors will always need polishing. Bathrooms often get steamy and the condensation often leaves them smeary. Its commonplace for tooth
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