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Although life in picturesque Newcastle may be very different from trendy Brighton, there’s one thing stays the same in every corner of the UK: the end of tenancy clean. No matter where tenants live in the country, they’ll need to restore their rented property to its original condition before moving out. If tenants fail to adequately scrub those surfaces and wash those windows, it could result in them losing part, or all, of the deposit they paid when they moved in. To get an idea of what tenants are paying around the country, we thought we’d take a look at how much end of tenancy cleans cost in different corners of the UK and what exactly it is tenants are paying for.

End Of Tenancy Cleaning Costs

Surprisingly, the average cost for a standard end of tenancy clean doesn’t actually vary that much across the country. In Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London you’ll pay around £150 to have a three-bedroom, one bathroom house cleaned from top to bottom. In Liverpool, the same property can be spruced up for just £120 while renters in Birmingham can grab themselves a bargain with end of tenancy cleans available for as little as £110. Unfortunately for tenants in stylish Bristol and bohemian Brighton, a deep clean isn’t quite so affordable with prices starting from £175 for a three-bedroom property. While over in Belfast things are a little more affordable with end of tenancy cleans coming in at just over £140.

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How Prices Are Calculated

The amount you pay for your end of tenancy clean will depend on the size and the condition of your rented home. The more bedrooms, bathrooms and reception rooms you have and the dirtier they are, the more you’ll need to pay to have the property thoroughly cleaned at the end of your tenancy. Mydeposits has more information on how cleaning costs can be deducted from your tenancy deposit. In some cases, cleaners may charge more for emergency cleans and most will quote a higher price for a house compared to a flat. If you live in an especially remote area, you may need to pay extra for the time and petrol it takes your cleaners to travel to your home.

Optional Extras

When you get a quote for your end of tenancy clean, it will probably only include the basics. If you want your carpet cleaned, your oven scoured, your upholstery washed and the outside of your windows left gleaming, you may well have to pay a little extra. When booking your end of tenancy clean, make sure you find out exactly what’s included in the quote so you know what to expect on the day.

Booking An End Of Tenancy Clean

A lot of tenancy agreements come with specific cleaning clauses so it’s a good idea to check yours before you book your clean. In some cases, landlords may ask you to have the carpets shampooed, wash windows inside and out and even have the curtains steam cleaned. Knowing exactly what’s expected will help you to get an accurate quote and give you the best chance possible of getting your full deposit back.