Woman having a cleaning fail

Everyone loves a good fail at someone else’s expense. Here are some of the best cleaning FAILS, in no particular order, we found on the internet. Hope you like them too.

Pool cleaning fail

Wow! Everything that could go wrong did go wrong here. Moral of this FAIL, get someone else to clean your pool.

A bad cleaner always blames his tools

While trying to clean the cobwebs from his backyard, Eiliya Madia managed to set his backyard and house on fire. The damage bill was $25,000. This is definitely up there with the worst cleaning FAILS knows to man.

Video thumbnail of Georgia man clearing cobwebs with a blow torch

The Evil Vacuum

It’s not just pets that get scared of the vacuum! And it’s for a good reason…

How not to clean your windows!!

This is a little far to go for a streak-free finish don’t you think?

Man dangerously cleaning windows

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