Future Tech: Kitchen Assistance Robots

The advancement of technology continues to amaze us and the development of robots continues to offer new opportunities. Within the home, we already have vacuum cleaners that map your home, alarm clock on wheels, dry cleaning, lawn mowers and much more.

However, in the home, there seems to be a new focus. This time it’s all about the kitchen and there may well be the one and only kitchen gadget you’ll ever need. Meet, the robotic chef. Twinkle Clean finds out more…

The World’s First Robotic Kitchen

Thanks to the London-based Moley Robotics, in 2018 you might have the chance to buy “the world’s first robotic kitchen”. An award-winning design, it began in 2014 as an idea from Mark Oleynik. Now, we are closing in on seeing it as a consumer product. A sophisticated design it features four things: robotic arms, oven, hob and touchscreen unit.

Robot doing washing up

Its key feature is automated cooking. Through a library of recipes from around the world, the robot can take a plate of ingredients and cook a delicious meal. Unfortunately, you currently have to place washed and cut ingredients into it but this is a system that is being developed so it can also work remotely to be ready on arrival.

Currently, there are more than 100 meals in the database from well-known chefs and the product can even be used to order food. There are also features to do a certain number of portions, dietary restrictions, calorie count and much more. Check out this interview with the founder on Forbes.

My Kitchen Elf – Mykie

Connectivity is a key buzzword across technology and business currently. The home is also somewhere this is taking on additional relevance – the presence of Apple Smart Home being a key example.

In the kitchen, we now have connected fridges and ovens which you can control remotely. To make looking after all this hardware easy, Bosch has developed a countertop robot. Mykie is a concept we’re likely to see a lot more of. With voice control and a touchscreen, you can control all of your appliances in the kitchen.

Mykie the robot

On top of this, there is also a projector in the back which can project things onto your wall, which is of particular use when you’re following a recipe. This connectivity will be taken to a new level through your smart fridge when Mykie can offer recipe suggestions based on the food you have and begin preheating the oven itself.

Flippy – Kitchen Assistant

A more niche product is “Flippy” from Miso Robotics. Developed for commercial work, the idea is that the machine can cook burgers on its own. Assessing what is raw, cooked, cheeseburger or chicken burger it will assist chefs in real working kitchens and is being developed to also assist with frying, prepping and plating.