Follow this useful cleaning guide on how to wash your car yourself….saving you money!

Man shampooing car bonnet with a sponge

Summer is upon us and this is a great opportunity for you to wash your car yourself.

There are lots of hand car wash places throughout London which offer varying services from a bronze wash, which can cost anything from 5 pounds, to a silver wash which is £10, and a gold wash which is often £20+.

The difference between say a bronze and a silver wash, is that the the inside of the car and the upholstery is often cleaned.

And, if your kids are at home during this time it’s a great opportunity to spend some quality time with them and have them wash he car with you too. If the children are helping you to clean the car, please ensure that the cars on the driveway and not on the main road for safety.

Keeping the car clean will ensure that the paintwork is kept to the best condition possible and if the vehicle is leased it will also ensure that there are no preventable charges when you come to give the vehicle back at the end of the lease.

3 handy steps to cleaning your car yourself infographic

The inside

Depending on the material of your interior will depend on the chemicals which you will need to use to clean the interior. 

Step 1

Give the interior of the car a thorough vacuum throughout using any attachments which you have with the vacuum cleaner.

Don’t forget to hoover the boot and the glove box too.

This ensures that any food crumbs, coins or other food stuff which may be lodged can be cleaned up.

Step 2

Use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe down all the available surfaces such as the dashboard, stirring wheel, gear knobs, and any plastic trims on the doors and surrounding area.

If you would rather use an anti-bacterial all-purpose cleaner (we would advise a scented one) this is possible.

Floors and seats

Once you have removed all the dust and dirt from the nooks and crannies, it’s time to move onto the car floor and seats. This will also include cleaning all the floor mats. If you have rubber floor mats, hose them down with some fairy liquid. Again use any suitable vacuum cleaner attachments to clean the floor mats and carpeted floor area yourself.

Woman vacuuming inside of car
Photo credit: SpeedKingz/Shutterstock

The windows

Last but not least, let’s make those windows sparkle. You’re doing a great job of cleaning your car yourself up to now. Having clean and clear car windows will reduce any possible distraction when driving and will add to the glow and sparkle of your car.

The easiest way to wash the windows is using a microfibre cloth and some soapy water. If it’s a warm day be sure to dry the windows of your car quickly to avoid the soap drying up. If this happens you will need to wash them again.

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