Henry Hoover next to a Dyson

What should I buy?

Every year, Which? surveys thousands of its members to find out their favourite and worst brands. One such survey involving vacuum cleaners revealed that as many as 75 percent of households are more likely to have a Dyson vac as opposed to a Henry Hoover.

This does not necessarily mean that Henry’s are not effective.

On the contrary, they are a favourite for many households that prefer to own two vacuums (Henry and one other) to compensate for the shortcomings of the Henry vac instead of buying one costly but all-purpose Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner.

Dyson vacuums are undeniably the bestselling vacuums in the UK. With each new release, the company offers more convenience and functionality, such as the inclusion of the refined “radial root” cyclone technology that is claimed to capture more dirt than any other cyclone. It is also light and durable, comes with ball technology, and can self-adjust to clean all types of floors. The Henry Hoover, on the other hand, is reputedly very powerful, light and convenient, versatile, robust, and used by nearly all professional cleaners in the UK. It is much lighter and cheaper than the Dyson, and many who have used it have little to complain about.

So, given the choice between sleek, state of the art functionality, and expensive technology and simplicity and good value for money, which should you go for?

Most people opt for the Numatic Henry if budget is a real consideration. They are a popular choice with cleaning companies.

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Technical Details Henry

Model NumberHVR200A/G
ColourGreen / Black
Item Weight7 Kg
Product Dimensions34 x 34 x 37 cm
Capacity9 litres
Power / Wattage1200 watts
Voltage230 volts
Operating Radius31.8 metres
Noise Level67.6 dB
Special FeaturesBagged, Cord Rewind, Corded, HEPA Filter, HEPA Filtration

Technical Details Dyson DC25

Model NumberDC25
ColourYellow / Grey
Item Weight7 Kg
Product Dimensions39.2 x 31 x 107.8 cm
Capacity1.4 litres
Power / Wattage1200 watts
Operating Radius12 metres
Noise Level87 dB
Special FeaturesBagless, Corded, Cyclonic, HEPA Filter, Hardfloor Brush, Pet Hair, Self-Emptying Function, Washable Filter


The Henry Hoover has a small and cylindrical shape that makes it easy to wheel around and store in small spaces like in your cupboard or under the stairs. The Dyson, on the other hand, is an upright vacuum that makes it cumbersome to move around and store, though there are canister and cordless models for those who need mobility. The cordless modems feature the same amount of power as the upright ones, but weigh less than 5 pounds for efficient cleaning of all surfaces.

Winner: Henry


When asking yourself is a henry better than a dyson you need to consider that the Henry is a very practical vacuum cleaner with a long, 10-metre cable, and a rewind system that lets you vacuum a huge surface area at once without having to keep unplugging and relocating to a new socket. This is not only convenient, but also reduces the time and effort it takes to quickly and efficiently clean your surfaces. The cable is easy to retract once you’re done cleaning.

The bagged Dyson models have an easy to empty dust bin that opens from the bottom. Dyson company is also labelled as “clever” owing to the fact that it was the first to introduce bagless cyclonic vacuums – over two decades ago – which eliminated the nasty job of removing and fitting new bags in vacuum cleaners. However, doing way with the paper and fabric bags also meant foregoing on the merits of these items, including the ability to catch fine dust and dirt.

In addition, most Dyson canister and upright models employ HEPA filtration that reduces dirt, dust, and allergens (including mould and mildew spores) and keeps them from getting from your surfaces to the air you breathe. As a relatively new model in the market, most Dyson models also come with a long 5-year warranty,

Winner: Draw

Suction power

The Henry can perform better and for much longer compared to other conventional vacuum cleaners owing its two large TwinFlo motors. These motors deliver an impressive amount of suction power that makes it easy to pick up all types of dust and dirt that accumulate on your floors and other surfaces, as well as pet hair. Despite the power, the operation is very quiet, which means that you can maintain a conversation as you clean.

Owing to the new European laws, the latest Henry hoover models have replaced their powerful motors with a new standard 620W motor, though it is just as powerful and efficient with the added benefit of energy savings.

The Dyson is also known for its strong suction that is capable of removing dirt and pet hair with ease. The operation is also very quiet, providing even cleaning owing to the self-adjusting cleaner head that can handle surface irregularities very well.

Winner: Dyson


The Henry collects dust and dirt in bags, though you can use the vacuum cleaner without the bags if you don’t mind losing a little suction power. This gives you the option to continue using your vacuum without having to pay for replacement bags. The system also has tough Heapaflo bags within the cavity that give the hoovers a reputation for longevity. You can also add a number of useful attachments for different surfaces and pets.

The Dyson comes in a variety of models, so you can choose the most convenient one for your cleaning needs. The Cinetic Big Ball, for instance, does not have a filter or bag, which eliminates the need to clean the dust filters regularly, while maintaining the vacuum’s suction for the working life of the vacuum.

Winner: Henry


In 2012, Numatic added a new feature to the Henry Hoover model that reduces electrical consumption from the normal 1200W to 600W. This development was aimed at saving energy without affecting the operating level of the cleaner. 600W is enough for about 90 percent of your cleaning needs, but you can bump it up with a switch on the device (for 2012 models).

The Dyson is best known for its cyclonic technology that reduces clogging of the main filter, and Ball technology that makes it easy to manoeuvre around obstacles effortlessly. Many models also come with extra floor heads that automatically adjust to suit the type of surface you’re cleaning. The 2015 models feature Cinetic Science that has eliminated the need to replace or even clean filters.

Winner: Dyson


The two also have a great range of accessories that make cleaning easier. Dyson cleaners come with a duster brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool, floor tool, and animal turbo tool.

Henry Hoover cleaners come with a strong, thick, and crush proof hose, a combination floor tool that can glide over different types of surfaces, litter pickers for cleaning stubborn dust and dirt, a soft dusting brush for vacuuming curtains, a thin crevice tool for cleaning areas that are out of reach, and general purpose nozzle that lets you vacuum furniture, stairs, and your car.

Winner: Draw


Whichever vacuum cleaner you choose to try out, you will probably not want to use any other afterwards. Many users who were only trying out the Dyson cleaners cannot imagine switching to a different cleaner that uses a bag. The same reasoning applies to households with the Numatic hoover, who appreciate the variety of accessories and durability of the parts that makes the cleaner capable of handling heavy use.

Both options will give you many years of efficient and effective vacuuming for your home or commercial cleaning purposes. So, you have to choose whether you should pay more for a bagless vacuum cleaner, or a small fraction of that amount on a versatile and durable simple vacuum cleaner.

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