how to clean fridge without turning it off
CRXP09 almost empty fridge

In this article we will answer the commonly asked question…

‘how do I clean a fridge without turning it off?’

Why bother?

The fridge is likely to be the most used of all kitchen appliances. Its a good idea to have a good look around your fridge every time you pop in there to get something out. Its also one of the main areas we cover in our end of tenancy cleaning when deep cleaning the kitchen.

Best practice is to throw any expired food or drinks immediately, this stop any potential germs from building up and keeps the fridge smelling nice anf fresh. There is nothing worse than a fridge smelling of mouldy or gone off food.

how to clean my fridge and freezer


Many modern fridges are frost-free and don’t need defrosting. Most smaller properties, especially rentals, have smaller fridges with an ice-making compartment at the top so its a good idea to keep this clear of ice so that frozen foods can be kept safely. We recommend defrosting such compartments at least once a month. Why not wash the fridge at the same time emptying all the contents.

TOP TIP: Clean out your fridge before you go shopping. This way your fridge will be nice and clean for when you get back with your fresh food and its a great way to discover what you are running low on before you go to the supermarket.

Pull out all the shelves and drawers and give them a good wash over with warm soapy water. No need to use strong chemicals or bleach. Make sure you put fresh food at the back of the fridge so any older foods are used up first and aren’t wasted.

Make sure your fridge temperature is 4°c and don’t stuff the fridge full of unnecessary stuff.

Step by step guide

We recommend cleaning your fridge when food stocks are low so before your trip to the supermarket would be an ideal time.

Step 1: Turn the fridge off

Step 2: Remove all the food. Make sure you put anything perishable into a cool bag or box

Step 3: Remove all the shelves and drawers. Be careful not to drop any of the shelves and stack them up neatly next to sink before washing

Step 4: Wash the shelves and drawers in warm soapy water. We recommend using washing up liquid here. No need for specialist chemicals.

Step 5: Wash the fridge interior walls, top and bottom and door panel. If you have a steam cleaner its a good idea to steam clean the fridge seals. If you don’t have a steam cleaner a toothbrush can be used.

Step 6: Pull out the fridge and vacuum behind the fridge. You will be surprised how much dust and dirt collects behind a fridge. It’s also a good idea to vacuum the condenser coils of the actual fridge close to where the fan outputs air. Makes the coils work more effectively.

Don’t forget to wash the sides of the fridge and underneath.

How do I remove unpleasant odours from my fridge? It’s simple, fill a clean sock with freshly ground coffee and pop inside the fridge.