Wondering to yourself….

How to Clean Marble and Granite Floors??

Wonder no more!

Difficulty with marble and granite

Marble and granite floors are an elegant and aesthetically pleasing addition to any home.

However, whilst they are beautiful to look at and undeniably durable, they’re also deceivingly prone to stains.

If you’d like to keep your marble and granite floors looking spick-and-span, you need to learn how to care for them.

Follow these easy instructions to retain the splendor of your marble and granite floors.

How not to clean your marble and granite floors

Natural stone, while strong, is also extremely prone to damage from acidic compounds and scratching or dulling. Choose your cleaning products wisely.

Never use:

Hoovers: The wheels, body and hose can leave scratches. x Brillo pads: Rough pads like these can ruin marble or granite.

Ceramic tile cleaners: These can dull marbles surfaces.

Highly acidic or alkaline products: Don’t use things like vinegar for tough stains, they damage natural stone.

Conventional cleaners: Use specialised granite or marble cleaners.

Person cleaning marble surface

Cleaning steps

Now that you know how “not” to clean your floors, let’s look at how best to clean them.

Specialist cleaner

If you don’t have a specialist cleaner, add some high quality dishwashing liquid to a bucket of warm water.

Blot not wipe

If you’ve spilled something acidic like orange juice or vinegar, use a soft microfiber cloth to blot (not wipe) the area before mopping.

Be gentle

Now, gently mop your granite or marble floor, taking care not to apply too much pressure.

Remove all trace

Swap the warm water (rinse bucket) for cold water and mop the floors until all soap has been removed.

Buff to brightness

Don’t let your floors dry on their own. This will cause water stains. Using a microfiber cloth, buff your floor until it sparkles and shines

Do this regularly to keep your marble or granite floor looking spotless.

3 steps to remove dirt or scuff marks

It happens sometimes. You set foot in your kitchen and gasp in horror as you spot an unsightly scuff mark. Whether it’s a scuff or a spot of dirt, follow these 3 steps to remove it.

1. Apply a little dishwashing liquid (PH neutral) to a microfiber cloth as well as a little cold water.

2. Following the direction of the grain in straight lines, go over the mark until it disappears. Don’t ever scrub these stains in a circular motion as you’ll damage your floor.

3. Take a dry, clean cloth and buff the area until you can see your own reflection!

As long as you are good to your floors, they’ll age gracefully and even outlast your home itself!