how to clean windows properly

Follow these tips to…

Clean your windows and mirrors like a pro!

Why bother?

Keeping your windows and mirrors clean can be a trying task indeed, especially when you find that after you’ve cleaned them, they are covered with streaks and smudges. Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than looking out of a dirty window or at a grubby mirror.

Nowadays, using newspaper to clean windows or mirrors often leaves them stained, and too much cleaning solution can leave long streak marks, meaning all your effort is wasted.

If you’ve had enough of these unsavory results, try these easy window and mirror cleaning tips.

What you will need

* Flat microfiber window cloth

* A squeegee to remove suds

* A Blackboard rubber

* Dishwashing liquid

* Bucket of warm water

* Four tablespoons of lemon

* Half a cup of vinegar or ammonia (for extra grimy windows and mirrors)

Cleaning steps

Follow these simple steps to achieve a sparkling finish.

Create your cleaning solution

Whether you have run out of traditional window cleaner or it’s simply not working for you, making your own cleaning solution is a cheap and effective alternative that works wonders for your windows. In a large bucket of warm water, mix one or two tablespoons of dishwashing liquid with four tablespoons of lemon.

The lemon acts as a dirt-cutting agent and also leaves a lovely scent once you’re done.

For especially grimy windows or mirrors, add half a cup of vinegar or ammonia.

Wash windows and mirrors

Using a microfiber window cloth, wash the entire window or mirror as you normally would. A microfiber window cloth works best because modern newspaper often smudges, and sponges or rags tend to leave traces of lint, which ruins all your hard work.

Squeegee those suds

Once you’ve finished washing your windows or mirror, squeegee away the suds. Sometimes, despite all your hard work, the odd streak might occur here and there. To ensure you know whether the streaks are on the outer window or the inner, squeegee your inner windows horizontally top to bottom, and the outer side of your windows vertically top to bottom.

Rub and shine

Finally, your windows should now be clean and dry, ready for a spot of polishing. The board rubber on this list may have left you scratching your head a little, but believe it or not, board rubbers are ideal for buffing up your windows or mirrors to achieve that extra diamond-like shine. Simply run a board rubber over your clean windows or mirror, then stand back and marvel at the crystal clarity on display.

Clean your windows regularly, using this method and you’ll never have to worry about unsightly streaks again.

Happy cleaning.