Office cleaning prices London
Office cleaning Prices

If you are reading this guide you’re probably wondering…..

what are office cleaning prices in London?

A Google search for office cleaning London returns over 30,000,000 results. This guide has been designed to give you an idea about what you should be considering when choosing a company to clean your office.

Office cleaning prices

It’s difficult to give an average cost for office cleaning in London as lots of companies have different tariffs and base the price on different factors. The most common pricing method is by charging per hour, with some companies charging by sq mtr for larger offices.

Expect to pay anything from £8 to £15 per hour depending on whether or not you require a supervisor present. Professional cleaning companies will charge closer to £15 and smaller one man bands will often charge at the lower end of the scale.

Materials and chemicals

Materials and chemicals are often not included in standard office cleaning prices. There may be an additional charge if you require the office cleaning company to source these and restock regularly.

You should expect to receive monthly reviews from the cleaning company and regular spot checks to maintain a high standard of cleaning.

Electrical equipment

If you don’t require regular cleaning of electrical equipment such as computer mouses or keyboards, use this to negotiate the price down. A yearly or half yearly deep clean of the office might include these areas that are not covered by a regular clean.

Most office cleaning companies also provide one off cleaning for office parties and other events. These will not be included in any monthly agreed price. 

Insurance and Health and Safety

Make sure any company you are looking to use to clean your office has full Public and Employers Liability insurance (we suggest a minimum of 2,000,000) and that they have a robust health and safety policy in place. Always ask to see this.

Getting a quote

We always insist on viewing any office space before providing office cleaning prices. You should do the same with any company you engage with.

The inspection allows the office cleaning company representative to walk around the office and asses how many hours is required to complete the office cleaning to their standard.

It can also uncover things that may have been missed over a phone conversation.

What to look out for

Unfortunately price isn’t always a good indication of the quality of the office cleaning you will receive. When you’re looking at prices you should consider the following five things:

  1. Is the office cleaning company a professional office cleaning company?
  2. Is the company reputable and do they have positive office cleaning reviews?
  3. Are the office cleaners fully insured? This really is a must.
  4. Does the quote include VAT? Some websites don’t include VAT in their pricing and the price you see isn’t the price you get.
  5. Does the company offer a trial period? We always look to offer a trial period for our new office cleaning customers.