Newly decorated room which needs after builders cleaning

After Builders Cleaning Guide

An after builders cleaning is done when properties have undergone renovations or after a property has been built. Debris, dust, rubbish and marks are often left behind after works have been completed. Most construction companies do not offer cleaning as part of their services and often have to hire a cleaning company to provide these services.

Evolution of builder cleaning

Traditionally builders cleaning was expected to be carried out by the builders themselves and would involve removing any protective coverings, vacuuming any joinery, vacuuming floors and perhaps wiping the bench tops.

Professional builders cleaners weren’t really in demand, as most builders were sole traders and took great pride in their work, meaning they were a lot tidier. As demand for home renovation has grown, 

As home improvement has surged, builders are more likely to hire sub-contractors to support the additional workload. Over time, less time has been spent on the cleaning aspect of the building work.

Nowadays, the builders clean involves the final presentation of the project. Most home owners expect the finish to be perfect. For this to happen a deep clean of those problem areas needs to take place and often involves cleaning everything from joinery to kitchens, wet areas, outdoor porches, pool areas, windows, window frames, balustrades, driveways and door tracks.

This is why most building companies will choose to work with professional cleaning companies to ensure the finish is carried out to a high standard before the project is presented to the client.

Builders cleaner working on site in London

What To Expect

An after builders clean will normally consist of a deep clean of the property with a focus on builders dust and debris. Most of all this is to remove dust and any residue left behind by the construction.

Layers of heavy dust spread throughout the property after construction. Therefore it is important to adequately air out the property before you move in or use the area.

Make sure you use correct cleaning detergents to avoid any damages to new surfaces. There is nothing more frustrating than having your new worktop ruined by chemicals. This is why most people will use a professional cleaning service.

How Much Does It Cost?

Price will vary on the size, location and condition of your property. 

For a 2 bedroom property based in London expect to pay around £200. The costs start increasing when you add related additional services such as external window cleaning and jet washing of external walls, entrance porches and patios.

Always make sure you get a few quotes and be very clear with the company what your requirements are. We always urge our customers to read our after builders cleaning checklist before they book the service, so they are fully aware of what’s included.

Safety and PPE

A professional company will ensure that the cleaners wear the necessary PPE at all times while construction work is ongoing. For larger after builders cleaning projects, or commercial projects, a health and safety check will need to take place and the company will need to be CHAS registered.

This is less of an issue when the builders have left and there is no danger from a construction site at your home.

Do I Need An After Builders Clean?

You should schedule in a professional after builders clean if you lack the expertise and knowledge.  Professional cleaning companies know what to look out for and no areas will be missed out. They will also have the industrial heavy duty equipment and chemicals to remove stubborn dust and builders dirt that basic cleaning products which can be purchased from a supermarket, will not.

Windows, floors, carpets and inside of cupboards are only a few areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly. Walls need to be wiped down and surfaces may need to be polished. Having to purchase different cleaning chemicals for each area will require research to ensure that you do not damage any surfaces.

Example After builders cleaning checklist from Twinkle Clean:


1. Remove all debris, packaging etc. from the bath rooms.

2. Thoroughly clean all bath tubs/wash basins/shower enclosures including ceramic and/or acrylic surrounds and remove all drywall filler, paint, mastic, grout etc. from the tubs and surrounds.

3. Thoroughly clean all shower areas and remove all paint, drywall filler, mastic, grout etc. from the showers.

4. Thoroughly clean all toilets and basins and remove all paint, drywall filler, mastic, grout etc. from the fixtures.

5. Thoroughly clean all vanity tops where basins have been installed.

6. Thoroughly clean bathroom floors and remove all paint, drywall filler, mastic, grout etc. from the floors.

7. Thoroughly clean the interior of all windows and frames.

8. Remove bottom window tracts, thoroughly clean and replace.

9. Remove all paint, drywall filler, mastic etc from both the frames and the glass.

10. Thoroughly clean all windows internally, window sills and casings.

11. Toilet Seat Wiped down.

12. Toilet Bowl to be disinfected by the application of a suitable disinfectant solution to each toilet in all the flats.

13. Bath Panels to be wiped down.

14. Vacuum and clear debris from the bathroom floor.

15. Mop and dry the bathroom floors.

16. Clean/wipe walls/switch plates/toilet roll holder/mixers/vents/lights

17. Chrome taps and Mixers to be cleaned.

18. Clean Inside Vanity Unit Cupboards

19. Polish all vanity units including mirrors ensuring no finger marks are visible.

20. Chrome Towel heaters to be cleaned and polished.