Professional Carpet and Rug Cleaning in London

Our expert carpet cleaning technicians will deep clean your carpets, leaving your carpets smelling fresh for days and adding years to the life of your carpets.

We use state of the art equipment and pro-chem detergents to ensure a high quality finish every time.


Founder of Cleaning Company Twinkle Clean


More about the service:

  • We clean 250+ carpets a month
  • Dedicated technician on the day
  • Guaranteed carpet cleaning service with excellent reviews
  • Fully equipped – we bring everything we need
  • Next day/short notice

Why use Twinkle Clean?

When you book our carpet cleaning service you will get a dedicated technician who is fully trained to meet our strict guidelines and industry standards. We have a network of supervisors who carry out random spot checks to ensure our standards are constantly maintained.

Your dedicated technician will talk you through the process on the day and show you around your sparkling clean carpets at the end.

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Carpet cleaning service from Twinkle Clean

DID YOU KNOW: The stomach flu, Norovirus, can survive on a dirty carpet for up to 28 days if left untouched. Those with carpets should schedule in regular carpet cleaning to ensure that their carpets remain clean and bacteria free. Aesthetically, you should get your carpets professionally cleaned to ensure the longevity of your carpet and keep it in good condition.

Frequently asked questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions relating to our carpet cleaning service covering London. If you require more info on any of our cleaning services please get in touch with a member of our team today.

Q. What are your carpet cleaning working hours?

A. Our online quotation system is open 24/7 online. Our carpet cleaning teams work from Monday – Sunday, starting at 7am. Our last cleaning time slot is normally around 6pm.

Q.What does your carpet cleaning service cover?

A. Many cleaning services provide carpet cleaning as a standalone service or an add-on to an end of tenancy clean. Cleaning services offer either steam cleaning or hot water extraction. Carpets tend to collect stains, dust, germs and marks over a period of time, which may cause them to look unsightly.

Q. Steam cleaning or shampooing?

A. Shampooing is thought to be the oldest method of cleaning carpets and used when removing heavily soiled and stained carpets. Its effectiveness can vary depending on how old the stain or mark is.

Q. How is shampooing done?

A. Shampooing is done by applying carpet cleaning foam to the carpet and having a good scrub to get the dirt or stain off. However, this method of cleaning can be counterproductive as shampoo residue is sticky and can attract more dirt after cleaning.

Q. How is steam cleaning done?

Steam cleaning is done by blasting steam or hot water through the carpet to dislodge dirt. The dirty water is then vacuumed up by the machine.

This carpet cleaning method may be better than shampooing because:

  • it can remove bacteria and germs.
  • It also does not leave sticky residue so you do not have to worry about re-soiling (provided you let the carpet dry completely before you use it).

However, steam cleaning may not be effective at removing heavy stains and soils from carpets. Make sure you ask your cleaning service provider for advice on which method to use!

Q. How frequently should professional carpet cleaning be done?

A. Many carpet manufacturers require you to professionally steam clean your carpets every 12 to 24 months to keep your warranty valid. If you’ve got allergies it’s important to follow a good carpet cleaning routine every 4 to 6 months to avoid a build up of dust particles and to ensure that your indoor air quality remains good. If you’ve got pets it’s advised that you get your carpets cleaned every 4 to 6 weeks.

Q. Is vacuuming enough?

In short, no.

Simple vacuuming does not get rid of germs, bacteria and hidden dirt that can’t be sucked away superficially by a domestic vacuum cleaner. However, you should still vacuum your carpets regularly in between getting a carpet cleaning service.

Q. Should I clean my carpets myself?

There are some DIY carpet cleaners you can get on the market that may help you do carpet cleaning yourself. Rug Doctor allows you to buy or rent their machines and claim that the same products they use are the same you find in professional carpet cleaning.

The machine does not steam clean your carpets but rather shampoos them whilst vacuuming up debris. They advise users to have their carpets deep cleaned at least once every 12 months. You should also make good practice in vacuuming your carpets twice a week and to do it slowly in back and forth repetitive strokes.

By doing this, you can remove 83% of dry soil in your carpet.
The Vax Rapide XL is another machine that works similarly to Rug Doctor and claims to remove deep-down dirt from carpets.

Both machines only offer carpet shampooing so may not be effective in removing germs and bacteria.

Keep in mind that older marks and stains are harder to get out. Carpet steam cleaners are normally used by professional cleaning companies as they are quite heavy duty. If you would like your carpets steam cleaned, contact a professional and schedule in a steam carpet cleaning appointment.

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