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Are you asking yourself….

should I do the end of tenancy cleaning myself?

What is end of tenancy cleaning?

End of tenancy cleaning is the deep cleaning of a rented property when you move out. Paying for a professional cleaning is often a requirement in your tenancy agreement.

We gets lots of end of tenancy cleaning jobs requests from our agency clients where the tenants have tried to clean the property themselves before moving out and they haven’t passed the check out. Think of it this way if you are moving into a property you want it to be clean and ready. You don’t want to have to go around and clean the limescale off the taps and clean all the cupboards.

If you do decide to clean the property yourself before you move out, these useful tips will give you a higher chance of succeeding.

Useful tips

Man cleaning window

Clean the inside of the windows

Cleaning the inside of the windows is often a requirement of the tenancy agreement. Even if it isn’t you should still clean inside all the windows as this is something that an inventory clerk will check. To get that streak free shine use any window cleaner and a wet cloth to clean the dirt off then use a microfiber cloth to dry streak free.

The advantage of using a professional cleaner, like Twinkle Clean, is that we use steam or other cleaning products which will ensure a streak free finish.

Once you’re done the easiest way to check if there is any dirt left on the window or mirror by wiping it with a white piece of paper.

Clean the kitchen cupboards

There is a big difference here between wiping the cupboards clean and cleaning them thoroughly inside and out. Make sure you clean all the grease and dirt that collects at the top of the cupboards and inside the door. Wipe dry with a microfiber.

The advantage of using a professional cleaner is that we use steam or other cleaning products which will lift ALL the grease and dirt off the cupboards ensuring they pass the scrupulous eye of the inventory clerk.

Remove all limescale from the kitchen and bathroom

Tap with limescale on it

You can find limescale around your taps, inside your kettle and on the surface of tiles. Limescale particularly builds up in hard water areas. The easiest way to stop the build up is to continually clean your taps and shower after use. Realistically most people don’ have the time (or the will) to do this.

Make sure you check the tiles around your shower. Limescale really builds up here as this is where body fats, soap scum, scale and general dirt builds up.

To tackle really tough limescale apply a limescale remover neat. Leave it on for a minute or two then scrub it off with a non abrasive sponge to ensure you don’t scratch the surfaces.

Professional cleaners use industrial strength limescale removers that really get to work on limescale and leave the taps and tiles sparkling clean.

Dust and clean all blinds

Make sure you remove all the dust and dirt from the blinds. Dust builds up quickly on blinds especially if they are sun facing.

Professional cleaners have all the equipment and chemicals to get to every blind and make sure they are left like new.

Defrost your freezer

Make sure you fully defrost your freezer fully and empty all the food out of the fridge and freezer. Don’t forget the fridge freezer seals where dirt and grime build up.

Happy cleaning!!!