Pet-Friendly Landlords – Do They Exist? What Are The Rules Around Having A Pet?

According to The Dogs Trust, around three quarters of pet-owning tenants have trouble finding a suitable rental property. This is because the majority of landlords balk at the idea of having a cat or dog take up residence in their property out of fear the animal will damage the carpet
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Can My Landlord Charge Me For Cleaning From My Deposit?

game of thrones cleaning meme
Although the vast majority of tenants leave their previous homes in good condition, many people still worry about their landlords deducting money from the deposit for end of tenancy cleaning. So can your landlord really dip into your deposit to have the carpets shampooed? And how can
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Cleaning Hacks: 8 Easy Hacks For Cleaning The Bathroom

Bathroom and hand wash
The bathroom should be a sanctuary, whether that’s enjoying some headspace in the shower before you start the day or relaxing in a bath to ease into an evening. But, there’s nothing worse than a messy bathroom, and one that you need to clean. Dirty and smelly, cleaning this room is th
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Use vinegar to clean

Use vinegar to clean How is vinegar made? It’s well documented that vinegar was discovered that wine left undisturbed turns into vinegar. Granted this is not as exciting as the discovery that grape juice left undisturbed, turns into wine. The vinegar institute tells us: “V
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