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Google Office

Not every office is great. Some offices are too small, some are too cluttered, some are simply too boring. Below are ten of the coolest offices that we love. Rest assured that every office in the list uses the help of the best professional office cleaning services available. I can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to work in any of these – they’re modern, they’re awesome, and they’re clean!

Airbnb Offices in San Francisco

If you’re familiar with Airbnb, you can already imagine that they must have some of the coolest offices in the world. Set up in an old warehouse in San Francisco, the Airbnb Expansion office space is uniquely designed to mimic different parts of the world and different cultures. Each office has its own vibe and provides the workers with a cozy environment.

Selgas Cano Office in Madrid

Close to Madrid, Spain, you’ll find one of the coolest offices on the planet. It’s located in a forest near Madrid, and the office floor is below ground level. If that didn’t catch your attention, I’m sure that the glass roof will. The setting and the lighting are perfect. Designed with architects in mind, it also provides the silence and tranquility needed to fuel everyone’s creativity.

Dreamhost’s Office in California

This office is a modern approach to working spaces. You won’t find the usual cubicles in here. However, you will find both open and private spaces designed to encourage staff interaction. Employees also have access to a game rooms, break rooms, and even a kitchen and an eating area. It offers a modern and relaxed environment for its employees.

Facebook’s Office in California

Facebook wouldn’t be the Internet giant it is today without having some of the coolest offices. The greatest feature of their offices is the fact that each office area was designed based on what employees wanted. I guess Facebook polls are useful after all. They even have a small skatepark and a DJ booth. We’d love to be their office cleaning company!!

WarnerMusic’s UK Office in London

Definitely one of the coolest offices in London and in the world, the WarnerMusic office space spans over multiple floors, with one central atrium. The furniture from the atrium can be freely moved around to create more space or any of the different environments needed for work. Each office floor has a different layout and offers a different feeling. Plus, each floor has a view over the atrium. I wonder how long the office cleaning takes here?

Gummo’s Office in Amsterdam

Although Gummo’s current office is just a temporary solution, let me tell you: they did their best when furnishing the space – and it’s amazing. Every piece of furniture has a nice white/grey color scheme. All of their furniture was purchased from charity shops, local eBay sellers, or it was brought from the old office.

The ThinkGarden Office in Milan

This is where nature meets the urban jungle. Probably the greenest office around the world, it brings nature to people who don’t have enough time to spend outside their office. Plants, trees, flowers and whatnot are scattered around the office, giving it a very natural feel.

Bluecore office in London
Bluecore Office in London

Bluecore, New York

Yet another office created with the needs of its employees in mind. Spanning over three floors, the office has a central lobby area with a high-ceiling, providing enough space and proper lighting for productive meetings. The office also has several private conference rooms and even a kitchen table that can seat the entire staff!

SoundCloud, Berlin

Simple concrete floors and an exposed ceiling offer SoundCloud’s employees an unexpected feeling of coziness. Although it may look unfinished, it was actually designed with a more industrial feel in mind. I guess office cleaning would be quite fun. The whole space is environmentally friendly. There are a total of 16 conference rooms that can be used by anyone at any given time.

Ekimetrics, Paris

Definitely one of the most ingenious offices in the world, this office combines classical design with modern looks. The vast open space houses three wooden structures that would catch anyone’s eye. Each wooden structure serves its own purpose, from a gallery to a private meeting room.