Everybody loves a shiny mirror. There is nothing worse than a mirror covered in smears.

Follow these tips on the best way to clean a mirror.

Bathroom mirrors will always need polishing. Bathrooms often get steamy and the condensation often leaves them smeary. Its commonplace for toothpaste to also splatter all over them and toothpaste can often be difficult to remove if it’s not removed immediately.

DID YOU KNOW: If you rub a little shaving foam all over the bathroom mirror and polish off – this will stop the mirror from steaming up next time.

clean a mirror with shaving foam
Use shaving foam to clean your mirror

Here are our top tips to keep your mirrors shiny and smear free:

1) Achieve a shine without smears by using a soft cloth with a little methylated spirit

2) A little white wine vinegar, buffed with paper towels, always leaves your mirror smear free and sparkling.

3) For coffee lovers our there use a coffee-filter paper for buffing and it doesn’t leave any lint behind.

4) If your mirror becomes dull from hairspray, wipe it over with a little rubbing alcohol to remove the build-up and buff with a micro-fibre cloth.

Happy cleaning!