How much does end of tenancy cleaning cost?

If you’re reading this article you are probably moving out of your flat or house soon and asking yourself ‘how much does end of tenancy cleaning cost?’.

What is end of tenancy cleaning?

The process of having your flat professionally cleaned before you move out for the new tenants is called end of tenancy cleaning or move out cleaning. There are lots of cleaning companies that specialise in just this as the market in London alone is massive.

Beware of companies offering cheap end of tenancy cleaning and this can often lead to a big headache further down the line ad deposit deductions when the cleaning is not carried out to a high standard.

The average cost in London

The average cost for a 2 bed flat in London can vary from £120 to £240. The price you pay depends on a number of factors but the main one is the size of the property. Lots of cleaning companies use the size of the property, namely the number of bedrooms, to build out a price matrix.  Additional cleaning services, such as carpet cleaning (view our guide on what to pay for carpet cleaning in London), will increase the price. Always check your tenancy agreement as this often stipulates whether or not you need to clean the carpets before you move out.

Price range:
Property TypeEnd of Tenancy CleaningEnd of tenancy cleaning
+ 40% OFF Deep carpet cleaning
Studio flat£98£130
1 Bedroom£132£172
2 Bedrooms£154£214
3 Bedrooms£194£268

Read our Guide to End of Tenancy cleaning (Infographic)

Costs across the UK

RankUK CitiesAverage Price

What to look out for

Unfortunately price isn’t always a good indication of quality. When you are researching prices you should consider the following things:

  1. Is the company a professional cleaning company? You DON’T want to use regular house cleaners who specialise in domestic lighter cleaning. They often don’t have the expertise, equipment and chemicals to do a full professional end of tenancy.
  2. Is the company reputable and do they have positive customer reviews? Most companies who have good reviews will tell you about them on their website or when you are speaking to them. Look out for this. It’s no different to say buying a product on Amazon on eBay.
  3. Are the cleaners fully insured? This really is a must. Make sure you ask the question and if you are unsure ask to see a public liability insurance certificate.
  4. Do their prices include VAT? Some websites don’t include VAT in their pricing and the price you see isn’t the price you get. They may not necessarily be registered for VAT so make sure you ask
  5. Does the end of tenancy cleaning price include the use of the cleaning companies equipment and chemicals? Its standard practice for cleaning companies to charge more if they have to use their equipment and chemicals. The additional cost covers transport and parking etc. View Twinkle Clean’s end of tenancy cleaning checklist.

What next?

In conclusion, do your homework and make sure you talk to the company you are going to use. Some people don’t have time to do this but even a short 5-minute conversation about how they will carry out the cleaning and their experience will often highlight things that may cause you problems further down the line.

More reputable companies will have reviews from independent third-party sites. Don’t listen to reviews that have no association with independent sites as the company may have written the reviews themselves.